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Meal Prep Program

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 Al understands that personal training is just the beginning. As co-author of the book At Home With Gladys Knight: Her Personal Recipe for Living Well, Eating Right, and Loving Life, a chef and nutritionist to the stars, operator of FIT EFX’s juice and smoothie bar and creator of the ProFormula supplement stack, he knows that proper nutrition is the cornerstone of any successful fitness program. And much like workouts, diets also need to have dimension and evolve, as the body adapts.

That’s why he launched the Fit & Gourmet Meal Prep Program to take the guesswork out of eating smart.

The name says it all. Fit & Gourmet!

Our philosophy is that these two concepts don't have to be mutually exclusive. Fit & Gourmet fuses the best of both ideologies to synergistically create nutritionally-complete, lovingly crafted meals that are both functional and satisfying for our clients and customers.

More than just equipping the body to perform optimally, this is about nourishing it to heal on a cellular level.



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