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Welcome to FIT EFX 

A total fitness solution designed by celebrity personal trainer Al Claiborne, exclusively for his clients, located minutes from downtown Atlanta.

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As a celebrity personal trainer, Al has worked with some of the most notable entertainers in the industry including, Gladys Knight, Robert Dinero, Byron Allen, Bonnie Raitt, Ludacris and Killer Mike, just to name a few. His individualized programs, passion and attention to detail however aren’t reserved for his celebrity clientele. Al has helped everyone from housewives to CEOs, teachers to professional athletes, enjoy healthy, fit and energized lifestyles.

To be honest, almost every gym boasts state-of-the-art equipment, certified instructors and fun fitness classes. That should be a given. What others don’t have, and can’t replicate, is Al. His knowledge of, approach to, and results from personal training are unparalleled.

Al began natural body building at the age of 14 and developed a fervor for weight training, nutritional balance and body sculpting that’s never waned. He has won numerous national titles and has been featured across a variety of media. With more than 35 years of experience, Al blends his certifications in Sports Nutrition, Exercise Science and Total Body Mechanics, as well as additional studies in the science of nutrition, physiology and holistic therapies to design a customized solution for each client to ultimately surpass their fitness goals.

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Our Training Programs

FIT EFX Atlanta Training Center offers a range of instructional options from one-on-one personal training to small group classes. Whatever your fitness level, goals or budget, FIT EFX has a program to help you create a better you.



This is the ultimate in individualized fitness training – hands-on, personal attention custom tailored to your specific needs and goals. You’ll receive the same custom attention that Al utilizes with celebrities and pro-athletes alike to help them achieve higher performance levels.


Small group fitness training for more personalized and focused attention to achieve your goals at a lower cost. Working directly with a certified trainer, small group classes are offered in a variety of formats including yoga, weight training and more.

body building

Experience a training technique so powerful you can feel your metabolism firing up and burning fat! Harness the muscle-building power of full-set weight training and cardiovascular training in one workout for phenomenal results.

core strength

Building core muscle strength requires more than just ab exercises. With the FITEFX training program, strengthen the muscles that stabilize the spine, pelvis and torso to create a solid and powerful base of support.


Whether you’re an amateur, a professional or simply an enthusiast, our boxing instruction is personalized to fit your needs. From the fundamentals to advanced training, including shadow boxing drills, heavy bag techniques, boxing combinations and mitt work, we’ll have you ready for the real world or the ring.


To increase strength and cardiovascular health, this program combines resistance training and high-intensity aerobics. Using easy-to-follow, effective exercises, that target strength building and muscular endurance, you’ll get maximum results.

Advanced body building

Once you have a solid foundation, amp up the intensity for a program that provides more rapid growth. Break plateaus with proven techniques and learn to replace expended energy for even greater results.

power dynamics

Dig deeper for a big boost in your workout with proven techniques for powerful transformation in your body, stamina and endurance. Take it on and take it to the next level for peak performance.


Contact us for a tour and complimentary consultation today.

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Throughout his stellar boxing career, Zahir Raheem, also known as King Raheem, had the distinction of becoming a 2-time Junior Olympic National Champion, 3-time Open National Champion,1996 Olympian and 3-time Professional Champion. Today, as part of the FIT EFX family, he lends his expertise to train professional fighters and help rising young stars hone their technical skills; not to mention clients simply interested in boxing for fitness or self defense. Hands down, one of the best boxing coaches in the game, with over 30 years of experience, Raheem brings his breadth of knowledge and unique brand of instruction, straight from the ring to the gym.

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Kristen P.

I wasted entirely too much time trying to do it on my own; taking classes, working out and dieting with no real rhyme or reason. From my first conversation with Al, I realized how far off base I was, and what I needed to change to get results. Personal training with him is definitely worth the investment. My only regret is not coming to FIT EFX sooner. 

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You owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself.  And we understand that getting there requires a holistic approach to your personal training journey that includes fitness, food and focus. That’s why we’re committed to providing the resources you need to support you every step of the way.


FIT efx

Expert personal training, at a private gym, with caring, customized service, from leaders in the fitness industry. It’s time you experienced the FIT EFX difference.

fit & GOURMET Meal Prep & delivery

You don’t have to be a personal training client to appreciate the tremendous benefits of having delicious, nutrient-dense food delivered to your doorstep.

The fit formula

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